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Fly on the Wall Press, a pioneering force based in Manchester, curates and publishes unparalleled political fiction, evocative poetry, and genre-defying anthologies addressing urgent global concerns.

Boasting an impressive record of four-time finalist in the prestigious British Book Awards' Small Press of the Year category, FOTW proudly showcases international acclaim. Publications have not only received laurels from esteemed poetry competitions like The Laurel Prize and The Julie Suk Award, but also earned accolades in short stories and fiction through the Saboteur Awards and the Edge Hill Prize.

Since February 2018, Fly on the Wall Press seamlessly integrates social activism into literary endeavours. Flagship anthologies transcend literature, functioning as catalysts for change. With each sale, we not only raise funds for chosen charities but also fuel an ongoing dialogue on highlighted issues. Embracing the audacious, they tackle sensitive topics, dedicating a substantial portion of our annual schedule to benevolent projects. Collaborative efforts span a breadth of charitable organizations, including Mind, Shelter, Crisis Aid UK, WWF, The Climate Coalition, Street Child United, and Invest in ME.


Modern Gothic

Embark on a chilling journey through nightmarish tales that will captivate the ghoulish modern reader. Encounter landlords with sinister requests, ethereal housemates, and a glass-encased jungle built by an eccentric father. These gothic stories blur the lines between dreams and reality, weaving a tapestry of macabre encounters and festering secrets.

The Dark Within Them by Isabelle Kenyon


Faith-healer Amber is hopeful about Lehi, the safe Mormon town to which she, her new husband and two kids have just moved.


After the sudden death of her daughter, Amber discovers the community will do anything to keep its secrets.


When nothing feels certain anymore, will Amber take a leap of faith, for love?

The Sleepless by Liam Bell

Grafton is a single dad who works in local radio, but he’s always dreamt of being a ‘real’ journalist. When he gets a whiff of a story – a Scottish commune whose residents believe that sleep is a social construct – he decides to investigate… something tells him ‘the Sleepless’ might finally provide answers about his wife, Liz, who abandoned him and their son Isaac for a similar cult in India. But as Grafton is drawn deeper into the world of the Sleepless, Liz reconnects with Isaac on their own journey to the commune. As more extreme and dangerous measures are enforced to maintain the community’s sleeplessness, Grafton finds himself racing to rescue not only himself, but also his son...

The Finery

Tyranny is in the air in the city of Finer Bay, and Professor Wendowleen Cripcot would like to be left alone, thank you very much. The memories of the last one hundred years are quite enough to be getting on with, if only these young upstarts from the government body, The Finery, would stop trying to control her every move. With the eyes of a dictator upon her, there are not many places to hide...but Wendowleen has never been one to back down from a fight (just ask her pet wolf), and insurrection is brewing underground.

Disobedient Women

Confronting issues of religion, bigotry, sex and politics, DISOBEDIENT WOMEN tells the interwoven stories of two families and their battle of ideologies.

A novel of the choices women make under pressure, where to be disobedient is the only option that offers change.

Man at Sea by Liam Bell

"requite (verb): to return love and affection or, on the other side of the coin, to retaliate for injuries inflicted.”

MALTA 1941. Eleven-year-old Joe Zarb's life is about to change. The war has created a rubble-strewn, dogfight-watching, soldier-saluting adventure, until a telegram arrives with news of his papa, Victor, that will shatter everything.

Twenty years later, with Malta seeking independence from the British Empire, a nurse and a former RAF pilot travel to the island. Beth is looking for Joe, the son of her wartime husband, Victor. Her companion, Stuart, is seeking revenge for the horrific burns he suffered in the war. When they find Joe and a man purporting to be his papa, a chain of events is set in motion that sheds new light on what happened two decades before...

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