Bearded Badger Publishing

Bearded Badger Publishing Co. was established out of a love for books, magazines, pamphlets, and anything else that can be read and enjoyed. After spending roughly 25 years working in various manufacturing industries, the founder decided to leave their well-paying job and return to full-time study. They enrolled in a BA in English at the University of Derby and discovered a passion for reading while pursuing their degree.

The vision of the founder of Bearded Badger Publishing Co. is to create a publishing company that benefits both writers and readers alike by acting as a bridge between the two. They aim to work with new and talented writers, helping them on their journey to publication, and developing both their talent and potential readership through innovative marketing strategies and events. The founder looks forward to sharing their passion for books with readers.


Step Forward, Harry Salt by Ross Lowe

Something strange is afoot in the Derbyshire hills. But what does that mean for Harry Salt? He’s a young man with a big secret. So big, that the Prime Minister wants a piece of him.