Moving Parts

In a pink-walled motel, a teenage prostitute brings a grown man to tears. A love-struck young boy holds the dismembered hand of his crush, only to find himself the object of a complex ménage à trois. A naked body falls from the window of a twenty-story building, while two female office-workers offer each other consolation in the elevator…

In these wry and unsettling stories, Prabda Yoon once again illuminates something of the strangeness of modern cultural life in Bangkok. Disarming the reader with surprising charm, intensity and delicious horror, he explores what it means to have a body, and to interact with those of others.


“In Moving Parts, Prabda Yoon has created an essential imaginary of the twenty-first century metropolis; drily funny and deeply felt, vivid and vertiginous” — David Hayden

"Yoon’s masterful stories unfold the drama of modern life, with all the stylistic resonances of the miraculous." — Eka Kurniawan

"Sleek, supple and soaring — in this extraordinary translation, Prabda Yoon's stories command your attention" — Eley Williams


Winner of a English PEN Translates Grant

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World all languages, excluding Thai



Publication Date

September 2018


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