The Repenters

Gritty, poetic and gothic, The Repenters is a journey into the true underbelly of urban Trinidad. In this troubling story, Jordan Sant sets out on a path that is a constant struggle between his best and worst selves. At the St Asteria Home for Children a young nun the children call Mouse briefly awakens the possibilities of love and hope, but his world thereafter becomes a darker place, as Jordon reaches the lower depths of both Trinidadian society and himself.


“...marks a subversive new talent in storytelling. Tracing the unlikely journey of an even unlikelier narrator, Jordon Sant, through the miseries and moral ambiguities of his young life, The Repenters peers into the seedy underbelly that lurks beneath polite Trinidadian society. The nuns, caretakers and wise men with which you're familiar do not show their faces here. Instead, in pellucid prose that never lets the reader off the hook, Hosein maps a sinister, smart, surprisingly funny cradle of T&T where villains and heroes wear interchangeable masks: a world of scorpions and frogs writ large...” - Shivanee Ramlochan

“Kevin Jared Hosein has [...] firmly positioned himself in the rapidly expanding cohort of Caribbean postmodern writers who have overturned metropolitan expectations of regional literature.” Trinidad and Tobago Guardian


Longlisted for the 2017 OCM Bocus Prize for Caribbean Literature
Featured on BBC Radio 4's Writing a New Caribbean

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July 2016


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