These Darkening Days

As autumn draws in, a series of unexplained vicious attacks occur in a small northern town renowned for being a bohemian backwater.

As the national media descends, local journalist Roddy Mace attempts to tell the story, but finds the very nature of truth brought into question. He turns to disgraced detective James Brindle for help.

When further attacks occur the shattered community becomes the focus of an accelerating media that favours immediacy over truth. Murder and myth collide in a folk-crime story about place, identity and the tangled lives of those who never leave.


"He is thrilling: intelligent, dangerous and near untouchable." - New Statesman

"Myers is the master of English rural noir." - Paul Kingsnorth

"There is no hiding place from the darkness because the writing is so damned good." - Val McDermid

Publication Date

September 2017


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