Protest: Stories of Resistance

by Ra Page. Featuring Sandra Alland, Martyn Bedford, Kate Clanchy, David Constantine, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Kit de Waal, Stuart Evers, Maggie Gee, Michelle Green, Andy Hedgecock, Laura Hird, Matthew Holness, Juliet Jacques, Sara Maitland, Courttia Newland, Holly Pester, Joanna Quinn, Francesca Rhydderch, Jacob Ross & Alexei Sayle

When does a riot become a revolution? When does a demonstration of dissent tip over into a moment of unstoppable political change? This book asks 20 authors and 20 historians to bring crucial moments of British protest to life. Following fictional characters, caught up in the momentum of non-fictional movements, they offer rare insights into protests from a live, street-level perspective. Each story is accompanied with an accessibly written afterword by the witness/historian.

Protests from across British history, from the Peasants Revolt to the Miners Strike, Greenham Common and many more, by writers including Kit de Waal, David Constantine, and Maggie Gee to name but a few.


'When right-wing populism is seemingly sweeping the west this whistle-stop tour demonstrates the power of people and provides a glimmer of hope and inspiration.' - Antonia Charlesworth, Big Issue North

'It would be heartening to see more works of historical fiction inspired by Comma Press’s approach, serving both to educate and entertain by giving voice once again to people who struggled to make their voices heard in challenging circumstances. ' - Bethany Creamer, Disclaimer Magazine

'There are so many good short stories and accompanying essays here, it is difficult to leave any unmentioned. Tales by Frank Cottrell Boyce on Venner’s Rising, Maggie Gee on the Night Cleaners’ strike, Martyn Bedford on the Battle of Orgreave, and Joanna Quinn on Greenham Common are all thoroughly absorbing and enlightening. Protest is an important collection highlighting the history of dissenting voices in the UK. It teaches rather than preaches and should be required reading for many of our current politicians.' - Shirley Whiteside, Book Oxygen

'Protest: Stories of Resistance is an illuminating and essential read. The perfect inter-generational birthday or Christmas present, it joins up the dots and gives context, which is invariably missing from disdainful, market-led Media narratives, and rote-learning history ordained by successive governments. Buy it and read it!' - Georgia DC, Book of the Week on Bookblast

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