Letters Home

An asylum seeker waiting for a decision on his case, writes letters back to his family, reassuring them that he is welcomed and wanted in this new home, when patently he is not…

A young woman falls into a seemingly endless sleep, and what begins as a form of depression, transforms into a social-media sensation, with acolytes camping outside her hospital, sleeping in vigil...

A young boy whose mother has disappeared is given a detective kit by his grandparents, in an attempt to distract; instead he uses it try and solve the mystery himself....

Martyn Bedford’s short stories ask difficult questions: how do we re-define ourselves in the age of identity politics and social media echo-chambers. What constitutes personal identity, and what can we call ‘home’, when the places we come from are either no-longer accessible, or not what they claim to be.

Covering everything from the family feuds over long-passed industrial disputes, through to futuristic visions of police detection, Bedford’s stories also offer a fascinating portrait of the changing face of modern, Northern England.

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November 2017


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