Leonard and Hungry Paul

Leonard and Hungry Paul is the story of two friends who ordinarily would remain uncelebrated. It finds a value and specialness in them that is not immediately apparent and prompts the idea that maybe we could learn from the people that we overlook in life. Leonard and Hungry Paul change the world differently to the rest of us: we try and change it by effort and force; they change it by discovering the small things they can do well and offering them to others.


'God, what a voice Ronan has. It is spectacular and already feels like a cult classic. I was absolutely hooked.' - Donal Ryan, Man Booker and Costa longlisted author.

'The book triumphs in this unassuming rebellion, and ultimately the appeal to live in the now, appreciate the little things, treat life not as a duty to some external expectation, but as something to be enjoyed, is a relevant one.' - The Irish Times

'A low-key look at the ordinary lives of two unremarkable men elevates the humdrum through wit and poignancy.' - The Guardian

'I love that Rónán was unafraid to write a book where nothing “happens” as such – because life is happening on every page, and this is one of the most life-affirming books I have read in a long time.' - Translating Women

'Rónán Hession’s first novel is an extraordinary debut. [...] I defy anyone not to fall in love with this book. It is one to treasure, but also one to give to people you care about, because you’ll want them to experience (and love) it too.' - The Yorkshire Post

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March 2019


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